Christ and the Chocolaterie

A Lent Course (New Edition for 2024)

Hilary Brand

978 1 915412 67 6
Paperback |96 pp |178 x 110 mm
Price: £6.99

978 1 915412 68 3
eBook |96 pp

Christ and the Chocolaterie is an original, innovative Lent course written by Hilary Brand for small groups or individuals, inspired by the film Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche. It suggests clips from the film, group discussion questions, exercises and meditations, and relevant Bible passages for a powerful aid to Lenten reflection. It also includes appendices on the curious history of chocolate, the unfair economics of chocolate and ideas for a chocolate feast. Twenty-one years since it was first published, Hilary has updated the course for this new edition, which still has so much to inspire those who read and discuss it, on what it means to be human and the power of change.

Hilary Brand is a freelance writer with a particular gift for creating lively and innovative material which helps Christians engage more deeply with their faith. She is the author of several very popular Lent courses including Christ and the Chocolaterie, The Power of Small Choices and Finding a Voice (all DLT), as well as works of fiction for children and young teens and other non-fiction for adults.
ISBNs: 9781915412676 978-1-915412-67-6 Title: christ and the chocolaterie ISBNs: 9781915412683 978-1-915412-68-3 Title: christ and the chocolaterie