Submission Guidelines

We receive several manuscripts and proposals for consideration each week and, over the years, a small number of our successful books have been published in response to an unsolicited submission. Please note, however, that as our resources are limited we are not able to respond to every submission we receive.

Before contacting us with a new book submission, please take a look at the list of Categories to the left of this screen, as a guide to the sorts of books we are currently publishing. Your book should fit one or more of these categories; for example, we are not currently looking to publish original poetry, or books for young children.

If you do wish to have a proposal or a finished manuscript considered for publication by DLT please send the following material by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (we do not accept hard copy submissions):

1. A brief covering email telling us why you have approached DLT in particular as a possible publisher. We also ask that you tell us if you are submitting your material simultaneously to another publisher.

2. A proposal: there's no perfect blueprint for a successful book proposal but here are some of the elements it should include:

- Content: 300 or so enticing words telling us what the book is about.

- Target readership: who are you writing for?

- A working title and a table of contents, with a line or two describing the contents of each chapter.

- A line or two about you, your qualifications for writing the book and what opportunities you can offer for the promotion of the book (such as connections to relevant organisations, networks or mailing lists).

- A line or two about the possible competition, i.e. books at a similar level and aimed at a similar readership.

- The anticipated number of words in the book and (if the work is not yet completed) the estimated delivery date.

3. A sample chapter (not the complete manuscript) – or an example of your work written in a similar style to the proposed book.

Please note that, due to the great volume of material we receive, we are unable to comment in detail on submissions that we don’t accept or to reply to every one.