Basil in Blunderland

Basil Hume and Sarah John

978 0 232 52621 9
Paperback |80 pp |198 x 136 mm
Price: £7.95

Arising out of a game of 'hide and seek' played with two young children, Cardinal Basil Hume made each hiding place a setting for a discovery of something new about the spiritual life. He chose the title because, as he put it, 'my spiritual life is more a wandering in Blunderland than resting and relaxing in Wonderland. I would guess that most of us would say the same. What matters, however, is that minds and hearts should be involved in the search for God, where the seeking and the finding go hand in hand.' This is one of the best loved religious books, enchanting young and old, believer and sceptic.

ISBNs: 9780232526219 978-0-232-52621-9 Title: basil in blunderland