Pray, Love, Remember

Michael Mayne and Kenneth Thompson

978 0 232 52270 9
Paperback |160 pp |198 x 126 mm
Price: £10.95

‘A wonderfully readable mixture. Pray, Love, Remember is a Lenten book but it is not a dutiful read.’

Alan Bennett

‘These three words – pray, love, remember – seem to me to sum up the essence of the Christian life, and none more so than … the word remember … for to be re-membered is our destiny.’

Michael Mayne examines the meaning of praying, loving and remembering, and their implications for the life of the Church, basing each chapter on the theme of the collects from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. Each chapter contains diary extracts and descriptions of a wide variety of Abbey occasions great and small: of memorial services for statesmen, actors and poets; of the true significance of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and the enw Innocent Victims’ Memorial; of the regular ministry to those affected by HIV/AIDS, the homeless and refugees; as well as the daily round of prayer and worship and the ministry to tourists.

ISBNs: 9780232522709 978-0-232-52270-9 Title: pray love remember