By Love Alone

Daily Readings with St Therese of Lisieux

Enfolded in Love

Michael Hollings

978 0 232 52552 6
Paperback |80 pp |155 x 105 mm
Price: £3.99

Thérèse of Lisieux is among today’s most popular and best-loved saints. Yet she entered a Carmelite convent when she was fifteen and died when she was only twenty-four. How did she come to be so widely known and loved? The answer lies in her writings. She left an autobiography, The Story of a Soul, and a collection of letter, poems and counsels. These give a picture of a unique spirituality, the ‘little way’ of love. Thérèse set out to teach ‘trust and absolute self-surrender’, and showed how holiness lies within reach of us all. New readers will be surprised by her refreshing absence of piousness and a spiritual honesty that speaks to us today. Michael Hollings has selected passages which show the essence of Thérèse and which can be used day by day to help the reader develop his or her relationship with the God of love. This book is part of the acclaimed Enfloded in Love series of books which presents selections from the spiritual classics in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation.

ISBNs: 9780232525526 978-0-232-52552-6 Title: by love alone