Acting in Solidarity

Reflections in Critical Christianity

Anthony G. Reddie

978 0 232 52593 9
Paperback |192 pp |234 x 156 mm
Price: £12.95

A lively resource book of original sketches and studies suitable for group work. The exercises presented introduce problematic or challenging aspects of Christian theology and practice, with a particular focus towards those who might describe themselves as marginalized, whether on grounds of race, gender, poverty, sexuality or geography. The use of drama and humour allows difficult topics to be raised and explored. Sections cover bible study, pastoral care, racial justice, black theology, ethics and action. Theologically broad and inclusive, Acting in Solidarity will be an essential tool for theological educators, community workers, youth workers and clergy, and all those who are looking for new material to help make the Bible and Christianity come alive for a contemporary audience.

ISBNs: 9780232525939 978-0-232-52593-9 Title: acting in solidarity