The 100 Word Bible

The world's bestselling book - in 100 pages of 100 words

Jonny Griffiths

978 0 232 52771 1
Paperback |112 pp |117 x 80 mm
Price: £4.95

978 0 232 52810 7
eBook |112 pp

In this unique presentation of the bestselling book of all time, Jonny Griffiths has paraphrased every book of the Bible and its related themes in exactly one hundred words.

Jonny’s enthralling personal journey reveals just what has made the Bible loved and respected by millions of people over hundreds of years: the beauty of its words, the drama of its stories and the depth of its insight into humanity and our relationship with God.

A wonderful book which will probably teach you more about the Bible in one hundred pages than one hundred text books or sermons could ever do.



Many say, ‘I can’t believe in a God of love; there’s so much suffering in the world.’ True, but then, Christianity places the redemptive power of innocent suffering close to its heart. On the cross, Jesus embodies unmerited suffering, and so does Job. A pious, prosperous man, he‘s made the subject of a strange bargain: God believes he’ll be faithful when tested, the Devil believes he can break him. After intolerable mishap, Job does eventually snap; ‘Let the day perish wherein I was born.’ God then reminds Job of his unimaginable might and wisdom, and Job is humbled and restored.

ISBNs: 9780232527711 978-0-232-52771-1 Title: the 100 word bible ISBNs: 9780232528107 978-0-232-52810-7 Title: the 100 word bible