Feast + Fast

Food for Lent and Easter

Christina Rees

978 0 232 52844 2
Paperback |208 pp |180 x 140 mm
Price: £8.99

Practical, searching, accessible and humane: a very good invitation to Christian discipline.

Archbishop Rowan WIlliams

As Lent approaches you may be wondering how best to mark it. Lent is traditionally a period of abstinence, so should you deny yourself little luxuries such as chocolate or alcohol? Or should you do something positive and, if so, what? How best can you nourish your body and soul through this special period in the year?

In this new and original book, Christina Rees takes us on a spiritual and culinary exploration of the Christian traditions around fasting and feasting in Lent and Easter. Christina examines the significance of our daily meals and includes recipes for quick but satisfying breakfasts, lunches and dinners through the forty days of Lent, as well ideas for an Easter feast to savour, rich in symbolism and style.

Full of spiritual wisdom as well as inspiring ideas for down to earth living, Feast + Fast offers simple and delicious nourishment to sustain you on your Lenten journey.

Christina Rees is a campaigner, broadcaster and writer, and a lay member of General Synod. She lives on a smallholding in Hertfordshire.
ISBNs: 9780232528442 978-0-232-52844-2 Title: feast fast