Babe's Bible: Gorgeous Grace

Babe's Bible

Karen Jones

978 0 232 52920 3
Paperback |256 pp |198 x 126 mm
Price: £10.99

978 0 232 52949 4
eBook |256 pp

This is not the kind of book you think it is going to be – by the time you finish the first chapter you will be totally hooked. It is one of the most unusual and intriguing books I ever had the pleasure of reading!

Jennifer Rees Larcombe

‘The fantastic book Babes Bible - not quite 50 Shades of Grey but certainly 50 Shades of Grace!’

Melanie Carroll, Unicorn Tree Books

In the 1st Century and the 21st Century, the world is run by men. Lila and Mary in the 1st, and Grace and Chloe in the 21st, share the same question: 'Where are the good men?' Their fathers failed them, their husbands failed them, their leaders failed them. But they find hope in one man - one man who inspires both men and women to come into their own. One man who would never treat them as objects or possessions. One man who would never use them for his own gratification. One man who would never abuse their trust. One man who believes in them. One man who would go to hell and back for them. Babe’s Bible: Gorgeous Grace is the first book in a stunning trilogy by new writer Karen Jones. It presents the message of the Bible in the form of a contemporary novel for women.

Karen Jones is a Church of England minister, artist, writer and singer/songwriter. She has been speaking and singing in church's and at conferences in England, Ireland, Europe and the USA over the last twenty-nine years, and is a regular speaker at New Wine and Spring Harvest. She was ordained in 2006.
ISBNs: 9780232529203 978-0-232-52920-3 Title: babes bible gorgeous grace ISBNs: 9780232529494 978-0-232-52949-4 Title: babes bible gorgeous grace