Unity in Process

Reflections on ecumenical activity

Clive Barrett

978 0 232 52943 2
Paperback |240 pp |234 x 156 mm
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Ecumenism is perhaps a somewhat sidelined aspect of contemporary church life, and yet Christians continue to devote prayers and work on the theme of unity, and to consider how relationships can continue to be fostered and built between churches. Here contributors from across the Christian faith draw on their substantial personal experience and stories, revealing the vast amount of understated ecumenical activity taking place, and ecumenical relationships being formed. The understanding is that however unity might be perceived in the future, that vision is being shaped by the practice of unity today; the unity is in the process. After a scriptural overview, the first part looks at the huge amount of ecumenical activity going on, building relationships between churches at national, international and especially at local level. The second part enables reflection upon these relationships from a range of thematic perspectives. Contributors: Alison Tomlin, Anthony Reddie, Clive Barrett, David Cornick, Barbara Glasson, Kathryn Turner, Catherine McElhinney, Kirsteen Kim, Mary Tanner, Neil Richardson, Stephen Platten, Ernie Whalley, Helen Reid, Celia Blackden, Vincent Nichols.

ISBNs: 9780232529432 978-0-232-52943-2 Title: unity in process