Does God LOL?

Frankie Mulgrew

978 0 232 53003 2
Paperback |144 pp |178 x 110 mm
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eBook |128 pp

Does God LOL? Does God even have a sense of humour? How important is laughter to the Christian life?

A fantastic selection of leading comedians – including Jo Brand, Tim Vine, Milton Jones and Ricky Tomlinson – give their unique response to this intriguing question.

Foreword by Tom Wright.

Comedian-turned-priest Frankie Mulgrew has compiled this unique collection, in which the contributions are interspersed with his own reflections on the question of laughter and famous quotes on the subject.

Contributors include:

Jo Brand, Tim Vine, Milton Jones, Ricky Tomlinson, Frank Carson (written shortly before he died), Sherrie Hewson, Liz Dawn, Gervase Phinn, Don MacLean, Roy Hudd, Ken Dodd, Jimmy Cricket, Bobby Ball, Paul Kerensa, Bob Mills

Cartoonists include: Dave Walker, Simone Lia, Mike Kazybrid, Robert Duncan

All royalties go to the charity Mary's Meals.

ISBNs: 9780232530032 978-0-232-53003-2 Title: does god lol ISBNs: 9780232530506 978-0-232-53050-6 Title: does god lol