God's Consoling Love

Sermons and Addresses

Michael Mayne and Joel Huffstetler

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'Michael’s ministry … was a ministry of love … love poured out abundantly, in a movement and spirit that is faithful to the example of Jesus Christ. In these sermons we encounter love in the fight against apartheid, among the colleges of Cambridge and the cloisters of Westminster Abbey, in a walk by a river, in a childhood long gone, in the teaching of a peculiar anchoress on the outskirts of Norwich in the fourteenth century, in inner city London in the early sixties and in an address to those about to be ordained

'I am grateful to encounter him so powerfully in these sermons, and to explore with him ‘the secret of the universe revealed in the alphabet of human words and actions, the words and actions of (Jesus Christ), who revealed, both in his life and his death, the breath-taking power of God’s mercy and the meaning of unlimited forgiveness’.

Revd Richard Coles

‘The Gospel is about God revealed in a man who healed the sick and forgave the sinner, and who brought joy to the bewildered, the damaged and the sinful … because he lived and died, loved and taught, to make clear once and for all time the certainty of God’s consoling love for every single one of his creatures.’

This new selection of previously unpublished writing by Michael Mayne has been compiled by Joel Huffstetler, the leading scholar of Mayne’s work; wherever we find ourselves on our spiritual journey, this collection of wise words will help us draw closer to the reality of the self-giving love that lies at the heart of God.

ISBNs: 9780232530179 978-0-232-53017-9 Title: gods consoling love ISBNs: 9780232530834 978-0-232-53083-4 Title: gods consoling love