Forgetful Heart

Remembering God in a Distracted World

Lucy Mills

978 0 232 53071 1
Paperback |176 pp |198 x 126 mm
Price: £9.99

‘This is a book full of wisdom and personal experiences, and explores passages of the Bible.'

Church Times

‘Beautifully and honestly written, it is full of hope that, despite our forgetful ways, our God remembers us and longs to be at the
centre of our cluttered and disordered lives.'

Reform magazine

'This book made me smile, pray, weep and laugh out loud – but best of all, it deepened my relationship with God.'

Angela Almond, Tracing Rainbows

We live in a world full of distractions, where lack of time and the pressures of daily living contribute to our spiritual lives becoming sometimes treated with less priority, sometimes forgotten altogether.

This is a book for the forgetful-hearted; those who frequently forget God in their lives, even when they desperately want to remember him.

Lucy Mills asks what it means to remember God? Here she suggests that it is about more than simply ‘knowing’ things – it is about how we live.

Forgetful Heart is a beautifully-written book, full of personal testimony, biblical reflection and practical challenges and advice.

Lucy Mills is a freelance writer who has written widely online and for Christian magazines. She is also an editor for Magnet Magazine.
ISBNs: 9780232530711 978-0-232-53071-1 Title: forgetful heart