John Sentamu’s Agape Love Stories

22 Stories of God’s Love Changing Lives Today

John Sentamu

978 0 232 53223 4
Paperback |176 pp |198 x 126 mm
Price: £9.99

‘God’s love for us is ever renewed as we pour it out and share it.’

John Sentamu

In this moving and inspiring book, compiled by John Sentamu, 22 people, including Jean Vanier and Richard Taylor (the father of Damilola Taylor), explain how an experience of God’s agape love gave them hope and changed lives.

These are stories which stand as inspiring demonstrations of Christian faith in action. Among the contributors are people who have lost loved ones to murder and natural disaster, some who have overcome extreme personal challenges and some who have devoted their lives to a God-given calling to the service of others. Their stories, with accompanying words of wisdom and encouragement from John Sentamu, are witness to the life-transforming power of God’s love.

John Sentamu is the Archbishop of York, and was previously Bishop of Birmingham and Bishop of Stepney. He is author of John Sentamu’s Faith Stories (DLT: 2013) and John Sentamu’s Hope Stories (DLT: 2014).
ISBNs: 9780232532234 978-0-232-53223-4 Title: john sentamus agape love stories