Reflections on Jesus’ Struggles and how he meets us in Our Struggles

Henry Martin

978 0 232 53464 1
Paperback |240 pp |216 x 135 mm
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978 0 232 53465 8
eBook |240 pp

‘The real Jesus’ life was by no means struggle-free. If like him, we trace our spiritual ancestry back to Jacob, we should not expect exemption from struggles in our lives. They are integral to our learning, thriving, believing and living.’ This fascinating book of short reflections on Gospel accounts of Jesus facing struggles in life, each followed by a prayer, then grouped questions to consider, makes for valuable reading – at Lent, Advent, or any time of year. Chapters are themed by Jesus’ struggles with his family, with his friends, with religious people and structures, with the crowds as the Kingdom dawned, and with his destiny. There are also chapters on things that trouble us but with which Jesus did not struggle.

Henry Martin is an artist, writer and spiritual director. He has written and illustrated several the acclaimed books for DLT. He has worked as an ordained Anglican minister in Dagenham, Salford, and, more recently, for seven years as the Managing Chaplain at HMP Manchester (Strangeways). He currently lives in France, with his husband and their two dogs, Hugo and Hera.
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